Zircon_Lauren Capital Project Investment

Join our Investment Platform Zircon Capital Project Investment  ( ZCPI) investor community and enjoy amazing Return of Investment.

GOT Formation Limited has over the years, created a clientele base to facilitate its marketing activities and we have developed a pre-qualification process to determine prospects that would be a right fit for Joint venture partnership to execute Most of our capital Projects.

Our Focus:

  • Modern cities
  • Modern amenities
  • Luxury homes
  • Affordable homes
  • Flipping properties

As detailed below, we have a plan for everybody.

GOT Formation Limited will always work on the marketing end before embarking on any project to guarantee a successful exit. It is therefore a great benefit for us and other investors like you, to work together to take advantage of this huge market. That is why we create an investment platform for you to also enjoy passive income even while you are building.  This platform gives you the room to have your own dream home, you can do a rollover to invest in your building or get your ROI and capital back after stipulated time.

BELOW ARE THE PLANS AVAILABLE. Carefully read and choose the one suitable for you.

NOTE: You will be REDIRECTED to our partnership portal (ZCPI Portal) once you choose any plan.

Chat with us now to get bigger Unit. The bigger your unit, the higher your income on each plan. Or send message below

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