Sell your property

Do you have a property to sell? If your answer is YES, then welcome to GOT Formation Limited property Buying.

Do you have difficulty in selling your property? Have you be looking for the right channel to use to sell your property? Are you worried about how to go about the price, or avenue to use? Don’t worry, we have all the answers to all your worries on how to go about your property selling.

GOT Formation Limited has been on the research on how to put things in order for anyone who wish to sell their properties. Most people are so worried because they feel frustrated about where and how to go about it.

We thought of putting things together to ease all your stress. We are in a digital world and just simple steps, your property will be sold by us. So worry no more because we are here to help you.


You need to follow this procedures properly in order for us to buy your property.

1. Fill the selling property form online.

2. Upload a clear pictures of the property. Both interior and exterior of the property.

3. State the Location of the property clearly.

4. State your price range

5. Get a call from us once the form is completed for verification.

6. Once its verified and accepted, your property will be bought.