How to invest in Real Estate as a Couple

I have studied and understand that most couple especially new couple find it difficult to go into investing in Real Estate. Some think it is very hard to get it done. I will be showing you some great tips that will help you getting that dream home. Sometimes when some of client will work into … Read more How to invest in Real Estate as a Couple

New Letting

Studio Appartment, 2Bedroom and 3Bedroom Apartment available for rent. Located at Ikota Lekki Lagos with well designed structure, built with modern facilities. Very spacious sitting room and nice master bedroom. All floor tiled, beautiful and attractive wall texture design (both exterior and interior) good environment and parking space. Give your family that nice treat and … Read more New Letting

Work and Earn Commission

You too can make it. As a stay home mom, you can actually make up to 500k per month to support the family. This sounds good right? When a woman is supportive, the husband can do other things to secure the future of the children. Don’t just relax and hoping that your husband will do … Read more Work and Earn Commission

How To Avoid Land Purchase Fraud

Land purchase fraud has been the order of the day in our society today which has resulted in twice, thrice or multiple payments to the actual valuation of landed properties. The good news is this problem can be avoided when it is properly understood and intelligent steps are taken to avoid falling prey to greedy … Read more How To Avoid Land Purchase Fraud

When To Invest In Real Estate

Every labour in life deserves a reward so does the effort one puts into building a career. A real estate can serve as an asset you can acquire to show years of fruitful labour. When is the right time to invest into real estate? Every time is the right time to invest into real estate for a working class and a business person. I will explain this. People often view investing in real estate as a one-time “explosive” payment but no. Investments can be in stages with a targeted payment plan whereby little by little over a defined period of time one will be able to acquire a real estate property.

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